This is Washington DC

This is Washington DC

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Miroslav Šašek’s This is Washington, D.C. is a facsimile edition of his original book, first published in 1969. The brilliant illustrations have been meticulously preserved, with the facts updated for the twenty-first century. The charming illustrations, coupled with Šašek’s playful narrative, make for a perfect souvenir that will delight children and parents alike. Super-tourist Šašek paints Washington red, white, and blue as he tours the nation’s capital. Stops include the Washington Monument (which commands a view of all the Federal buildings and most of the museums, monuments, and memorials), the White House (whose lawn is a grassy launching pad for the President’s helicopter), and the Smithsonian’s National Zoological Park, the last residence of the world’s most famous ursine, Smokey the Bear! With bright pictures and snappy commentary, Šašek wittily captures all the fascinating things to do and see in a city of green parks, wide avenues, and classic white porticoes. Designed by a Frenchman and renowned for its cherry blossoms, This is Washington, D.C.! 

Authored by Miroslav Šašek 


64 pages  

Measurements: 8.75 x 12.25 inches 

Published by Universe in 2011