The Women of Chateau Lafayette

The Women of Chateau Lafayette

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An inspiring story from Stephanie Dray, the New York Times bestselling author--capturing the true tale of an extraordinary French fortress and the brave women entangled in its history. Most fortresses are defended by men, but this one by women. Adrienne Lafayette, a gentle noblewoman, joins her husband, the Marquis de Lafayette, to battle for American freedom in 1774. When their activism causes a colliding revolution in France and the guillotine threatens their lives, Adrienne must decide whether to trust and keep the man she loves or give her life for a history that will empower future generations. In 1914, dynamic socialite Beatrice Chanler refuses to be hindered by her origins, her struggling matrimony, or the beginning of WWI. After witnessing France's destruction, she bravely attempts to push America to fight for justice. A 1940 French educator and aspiring artist, Marthe Simone, is a lone survivor and does not want conflict. Yet, when Nazi occupation changes

Authored by Stephanie Dray


592 pages

Measurements: 5.43 x 8 inches

Published by Berkley; Reprint edition (March 15, 2022)