The True History of Tea

The True History of Tea

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 Delve into a vivacious and illustrated history of the renowned beverage and its global application over time. Victor H. Mair and Erling Hoh offer a comprehensive story of tea, from its Southeast Asian roots to the Tang and Song Dynasties and far beyond, all informed by Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan, and Mongolian annals. Follow tea’s journey, from its spiritual roles in art and religion to its centrality in world commerce and its involvement in human movements throughout the centuries. How did tea become Morocco’s national drink? Who was the alluring Emma Hart? Discover all this and more in The True History of Tea, a narrative that combines thorough scholarship with entertaining details. Celebrate the shared heritage of a beloved beverage as East and West come together. 50 illustrations.


280 pages

Measurements: 6.5 x 9.4 inches

Published by‎ Thames and Hudson in 2009