The Last Russian Doll

The Last Russian Doll

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A mesmerizing, epic novel of vengeance, redemption, and betrayal, recounting the story of three generations of Russian women, from the tumult of the 1917 Revolution to the closing days of the Soviet Union. At its core is the captivating love story of two star-crossed lovers. A decade before, a young girl and her mother survived a night that changed everything in their Moscow home. Now, as Rosie studies at Oxford, she goes back to Russia, desperate to comprehend and hide the past; she carries with her only her mother's mysterious fairy tales and a solitary key. What she discovers is a devastating family history that spans from the birth of the revolution to Stalin's purges. At the epicenter is Tonya, a beautiful porcelain doll, whose passion and actions will spark a saga that will echo throughout the century.

Authored by Kristen Loesch


416 pages

Measurements: 6.26 x 1.39 x 9.41 inches

Published by‎ Berkley in 2023