Stories from the Kitchen

Stories from the Kitchen

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A unique collection of classic culinary tales, Stories from the Kitchen is a tantalizing spread of stories with food at the forefront. Delight in masterful works by Dickens, Chekhov, Singer, Jackson, Crace, Tan and more. Savour decadent dishes like caviar as well as humbler fare like cherry pie. Relish memorable morsels from famous novels like the boeuf en daube in Woolf’s To the Lighthouse and Proust’s asparagus in Remembrance of Things Past. Immerse yourself in Durrell, Ephron and Boyle’s over-the-top appetisers, Fisher’s touching tale of food and love, and Brillat-Savarin’s description of the perfect meal. From oysters with seductive powers to a dish of stew spiced with revenge, this edible anthology will satisfy even the most discerning literary gourmands.

Authored by Diana Secker Tesdell


400 pages

Measurements: 5 x 7.4 inches

Published by Everyman's Library in 2015