Rechenka's Eggs

Rechenka's Eggs

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Rechenka’s Eggs by Patricia Polacco tells the story of Babushka and the goose Rechenka. Babushka lives in the country and lovingly paints decorative eggs each year for the Easter Festival in the city. One day during the winter, Babushka goes outside to feed the caribou and discovers a wounded goose. Babushka takes in the goose and nurses her back to health, naming her Rechenka. One day when Rechenka is feeling better, she accidentally knocks over the basket of precious decorative eggs that Babushka had worked on so lovingly. Babushka is heartbroken. However, Rechenka lays beautifully decorated eggs to replace the ones she broke. These eggs are so beautiful that Babushka wins the prize at the Easter Festival. Yet, the last egg contains the biggest surprise of all!


32 pages

Measurements: 8 x 10.25 inches

Published by Random House in 1998