Happy Orchid

Happy Orchid

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Proud new orchid owner? Let this bite-sized beginner's guide be your key to learning the essentials of orchid buying, care, and maintaining their vibrant beauty year after year! Did you know that direct sunlight can harm many orchids? Or that most need a dormancy period? Happy Orchid demystifies how to grow these finicky flowers, presenting an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide with all the crucial tips - from planting and watering to humidity and feeding! But that's not all. This book also features 120+ illustrated profiles of the most desirable orchid varieties. Find out what each one needs to thrive, such as the perfect spot to grow, how often they need repotting, and how to prolong their blooming cycle. With this book, you'll become a master of orchid care and be inundated with ideas for filling your home with these stunning, colorful blooms!

Authored by Sara Rittershausen


144 pages

Measurements: 6 x 8 inches

Published by DK; Illustrated edition in 2019.