A History of Women in 101 Objects
A History of Women in 101 Objects

A History of Women in 101 Objects

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Uncover the hidden stories of women and the world through an engaging and visually rich exploration of 101 intimate objects. This is not a grand, all-encompassing history, but a quieter and more personal journey through the overlooked and diverse lives of women. With captivating prose and beautiful imagery, Annabelle Hirsch's book presents a curated collection of women and their belongings, revealing their innermost thoughts and emotions. Spanning from prehistory to present day, these objects chronologically showcase the evolution of how women were perceived and how they fought for their freedom. Some of these objects reflect female pleasure while others represent female oppression. This book offers a nuanced and wide-ranging retelling of history, challenging our assumptions and showcasing the complexities of the women who shaped it.

Authored by Annabell Hirsch


432 pages

Measurements: 6.35 x 9.5 inches

Published by‎ Crown (March 5, 2024)