BUDMO!: Recipes from a Ukrainian Kitchen

BUDMO!: Recipes from a Ukrainian Kitchen

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With its emphasis on fresh ingredients, time-honored heritage, and warm hospitality, Eastern European cuisine is having a moment. Yet, for many American home cooks, the dishes and flavors of the former Soviet Republics might seem as far off as Siberia—until now.

Meaning "cheers!" in Ukrainian, Budmo! is the first cookbook to celebrate classic Eastern European recipes with a modern, creative twist. Presented by Ukrainian-born, California-based chef, blogger, and culinary instructor Anna Voloshyna, bright flavors and vibrant ingredients sing from each plate. A gorgeous magenta pkhali comes alive with roasted beets and tangy pomegranate molasses. Borscht is reinvented with green sorrels and semi-soft eggs. And Voloshyna even shares a personal recipe for her Ukrainian grandmother's duck—roasted to a delicious crispy-brown perfection. These are the dishes that are perfect for gathering your favorite people, and each one is bound to uncover the mouthwatering flavors and traditions of this endlessly fascinating part of the world.


224 pages

Published by Rizzoli in 2022