Peter the Great's African: Experiments in Prose

Peter the Great's African: Experiments in Prose

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Alexander Pushkin, Russia's legendary artist, transcends with this newly translated, unfinished set of works - exploring power, class struggle and creative expression. Dive into Pushkin's creative laboratory and experience a captivating insight into Peter the Great, as seen through his closest confidant Ibrahim - modeled on Pushkin's great-grandfather. Ibrahim is both outsider and insider, delivering a compassionate yet probing look into Peter's efforts to bridge his sprawling, antique empire with Europe. Delve into the wittily narrated "History of the Village of Goriukhino," as Pushkin humorously unpacks the craft of history-writing. Immerse yourself in "Dubrovsky," a stirring adventure full of class conflict that mirrors 18th-century Russia. Exhilaratingly experience "The Egyptian Nights," marrying prose and poetry to reflect on the spirit of art and the plight of the poet in the ever-commercializing world.

Authored by Alexander Pushkin

Translated by Elizabeth Chandler, Robert Chandler, Boris Dralyuk


208 pages

Measurements: 4.99 x 7.98 inches

Published by‎ NYRB Classics in 2022