Anna and the Hermitage Cats

Anna and the Hermitage Cats

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Anna and the Hermitage Cats––a whimsically-illustrated hardcover book for children aged 5 to 10––appeals to all cat and art-lovers. Based on a true story, it tells of Anna, an American girl on a mission to sketch a cat in the renowned Saint Petersburg Museum. The Hermitage Cats have been protected there for over 250 years, having been granted official status by Empress Catherine the Great. Her decree called them the "Guardians of the Picture Galleries". The cats were once tended on velvet cushions within imperial carriages and snuggled in firewood baskets. Nowadays, the six museum buildings of Palace Square offer these cats warmth and shelter, and they can be spotted lounging in outdoor courtyards during summer. Though barred from entering the gallery, they still manage to keep the Winter Palace free of mice and rats. The staff of the museum take care of the cats, providing them with food, veterinary care and loving attention.


Authored by Mary Ann Allin and Maria Haltunen


32 pages 

Measurements: 12 x 9 inches

Published by Swashbuckler Enterprises Inc. in 2013