The Women's Suffrage Movement

The Women's Suffrage Movement

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An intersectional anthology of works by the known and unknown women that shaped and established the suffrage movement, in time for the 2020 centennial of women's right to vote, with a foreword by Gloria Steinem. 

Consisting of historical texts spanning two centuries, The Women's Suffrage Movement is a comprehensive volume with a distinctive focus on incorporating race, class, and gender, and illuminating minority voices. This one-of-a-kind intersectional anthology features the writings of the most well-known suffragists, such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, alongside accounts of those often overlooked because of their race, from Native American women to African American suffragists like Ida B. Wells and the three Forten sisters. At a time of enormous political and social upheaval, there could be no more important book than one that recognizes a group of exemplary womenin their own wordsas they paved the way for future generations. Sally Roesch Wagner, the editor, is a pre-eminent scholar of the diverse backbone of the women's suffrage movement, the founding director of the Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation, and serves on the New York State Women's Suffrage Commission. 

Authored by Elizabeth Crawford


560 pages 

Measurements: 5 x 7.8 inches 

Published by Penguin Classics in 2019