Inventors Box
Inventors Box

Inventors Box

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Without instruction, kids create. Without boundaries, they grow. Without restraint, amazing things happen. That’s the thinking behind the open-ended Inventor’s Box. The seven fun challenges inside the kit will inspire them to use their imagination, think for themselves, and solve problems creatively. Help them unleash their inner Einstein and watch their seven cool projects come to life!

  • Kids will be asked to invent a robot, musical instrument, the machine, new game, and more
  • Each kit contains seven cards with a number of prompts challenging them to make something unique
  • To help them, kids will find paper, twine, rubber bands, metal brads, plastic eyes, and more in order to come up with their seven inventions
  • Kit includes 5 pieces of paper, 3 pieces of foam, 4.3 yds (3.9 m) of cotton twine, 10 rubber bands, 4 plastic eyes, 4 mini thread spools, 8 wood craft sticks, 4 chenille stems, 3 feathers, 1 paper tube, 10 ft (3 m) of washi tape, 8 metal brads, 5 paper straws, 6 yds (5.4 m) of acrylic yarn, 4 pom poms, 4 pieces of double-sided tape, 7 challenge cards

Ages 6 and up