Floral Table Cover Wooden Puzzle in a Jar
Floral Table Cover Wooden Puzzle in a Jar

Floral Table Cover Wooden Puzzle in a Jar

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This beautiful puzzle comes self-contained in a lidded apothecary glass jar designed for display, both before and after completion, because an heirloom puzzle deserves a special place in your house. This floral block-printed table cover from the nineteenth century by Sir Matthew Digby Wyatt is rich in color and pattern, providing a challenging puzzle experience. Be on the lookout for the special wine bottle and glass shapes, available only in this puzzle. An exclusive Crowning Achievement™ Puzzle Completion Pin is included in this puzzle. Snap this piece into place last for a final-self-pat-on-the-back. (Can you save it that long?)

Lovingly cut from real wood with intricate lasers. Wood pieces are dropped into place rather than being pressed into place like today’s mass-produced cardboard puzzles. The experience is unlike any other, providing a rewarding *click* with each placed piece.

Jar is made of glass and PE. Pin is made of zinc alloy and resin. Puzzle is made of basswood.

Contains 250 total pieces, including six custom-designed Treasure Pieces™

Contains no formaldehyde

Measurements: Completed puzzle is 11.5 x 11.5 inches; apothecary jar is 7 x 3.75 inches.