Cherry Blossom Boxed Chocolate

Cherry Blossom Boxed Chocolate

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Commemorate the beginning of the cherry blossom season with these wonderful caramel-filled chocolates. Made in Maryland, they’ll make great gifts for friends, family, and even yourself!  

White background with pink blossomsVanilla bean caramel with fleur de sel crystals sprinkled inside a dark chocolate shell 

Pink background with white blossomsVanilla bean caramel with fleur de sel crystals sprinkled inside a milk chocolate shell 

Set of 5 

Made in the USA 

72% dark or 38% milk chocolate (Fairtrade) - Sugar, cream, cocoa, butter, sunflower lecithin, vanilla beans
Caramel - Pure cane sugar, cream, butter, vanilla bean, vanilla, lemon juice, salt
Color - decoration (cocoa butter, color exempt from certification)

This product contains milk.