Acoustic Paris CD
Acoustic Paris CD

Acoustic Paris CD

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As the famous line from Casablanca goes: “We’ll always have Paris.” It’s a simple phrase that embodies the romance and nostalgia symbolized by one of the world’s greatest and most musical cities. To help us cope with the challenges we face in our daily lives, we can always enjoy armchair travel through the enchanting melodies of Parisian music. All it takes is the sound of an accordion playing a classic musette or a lilting guitar plucking out the sophisticated swing of manouche jazz.

Though Paris has many of the same problems that plague any world metropolis, it only takes a casual stroll down a hidden historic cobblestone street or a taste of a warm café au lait and a fresh-baked croissant at an iconic French café to transport you to the Paris of yesteryear. And, of course, melodic French chansons and manouche jazz complete the experience. We hope the songs in this collection will help you harness some of that magic.

Package includes:

CD + Album Download Card

12-page booklet includes extensive information about café culture, artists, and songs