The Jazz Age: American Style in the 1920s

The Jazz Age: American Style in the 1920s

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The decade known as the Jazz Age was a time of growth and fortune, oppression, and revolution. Spurred by innovation and the audacity of youth, architects, artists, musicians, filmmakers, and designers alike created unprecedented responses to the demand for a new American lifestyle; some looked back for inspiration, and others marched forward with ideas for a fresh vocabulary to voice the optimism of the day. Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of full-color illustrations and featuring essays by two leading historians of decorative art and design, The Jazz Age: American Style in the 1920s reveals how designers established a new visual representation of modernity within the context of a changing world. 

Authored by Sarah D. Coffin and Stephen Harrison 

Published by‎ The Cleveland Museum of Art in 2017 


400 pages 

Measurements: ‎10.2 x 9.2 inches