Apricot Rose Botanical Diffuser

Apricot Rose Botanical Diffuser

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The exquisite packaging beautifully complements the striking square bottles, which are filled with real spices, fruit, and botanicals. Each natural element within the glass vessel is thoughtfully arranged by hand. Packaged with care and 10 reed sticks, this diffuser allows you to fill your space with fragrance without the need for a flame.

Fragrance Notes: Almond Blossom, Apricot, Blond Woods, Mirabelle Plum, Pomelo Leaf, Rose, and Violet

Essentials: Grapefruit, Orange, Rose

Botanicals: Forget-Me-Not Flowers, Marguerite Daisies, Peony Petals, Rose Petals and Stems

Product life: Averages 6-12 months depending on environmental conditions 

Volume 4 fluid oz

Please Note: Product color variations are expected due to natural elements.